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Луис суарес перешел в реал

Луис суарес перешел в реал

Кейлор Навас игрок ПСЖ #подписывайся #футбол #навас #псж #реал # Официально: Руни перешёл в «Дерби Каунти» в качестве играющего тренера! #футбол #подписывайся #суарес #месси #неймар Луис Энрике покинул пост главного тренера сборной Испании #футбол #​футбольныйшпион. Луис Суарес забил два мяча в ворота Реала Реал остался на третьем месте Хачериди в итоге перешел в греческий ПАОК. Защитник «Барселоны» Жерар Пике заявил, что знает о пункте в «Реал» не ценит своих топовых вратарей Когда Флорентино Перес Луис Суарес высказал мнение, что нападающий ПСЖ Неймар сделал Нападающий «​ПСЖ» Неймар остался недоволен тем, что не перешел в «Барселону».



If he can ask you for a cpl dollars he can ask if he can take Луис суарес перебежал в реал order. Every word ! These guys are giving their best shot. But I still got рекл lot of Луис суарес перебежал в реал from this video.

Луис суарес перешел в реал
Луис суарес перешел в реал
Луис суарес перешел в реал
Луис суарес перешел в реал
Луис суарес перешел в реал

Steve jackson , baron davis. D miles allen iverson respect to them For true stuff but real love to the fullest.. Hope youngstas take it and become they worth in life not just basketball..

Captain Jack is one of the realest to play the game. AI is too. What they're sayin don't just apply to basketball either.

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It's some real shit anybody on the comeup can apply to life. It's sick to hear Baron Davis' advice and when he talked about being humble, having faith things will work out and patience.. And, that Ak47 poster But, adversity is real and this is an awesome mentorship program by them. Forreal, A. I dressing up as himself is more authentic than superstars or nba players now tryna' be fashionable.

It gets corny.. These guys are giving their best shot. May God iron these guys out. Loved all 3 on the court. Fucks with these Katts sho nuff. Huge fan of A. Jackson because of the way he played the game. Now it's time for the WNBA to do the same thing. Love AI To his point a dude asked Barkley for a cpl dollars he goes in his pocket, love to help MJ slaps his hand.

Луис суарес перешел в реал

If he can ask you for a cpl dollars he can ask if he can take your order. Real talk! Allen Is my Favorite basketball player. I had his jersey on when I went to witness my child delivered into this world. I smiled the whole video. Do you guys see his Ankh around his neck. Ohanu Ina. Wake up talk. Good stuff, especially the fact not all going to the league. A couple assumed all in the room believe in gods. Girls, but they going to want to hit everything available. Every word ! The realist dudes in the room.

Hard not to tear up just seeing A. Too Easy and Stacks on deck!!! I couldn't remember if the spurs won that year or not. Steven Jackson did. BD funny as hell "Yall some busters dawg" he meant that shit these lil mfs quiet as hell wtf new school kids really don't appreciate shit. Lol don't yall find it weird that A. I said "what they playing now 2k"? These teenagers were born in and after and likely didn't start playing and watching basketball until and after, which is when AI, BD, and Stack Jack's best days were behind them.

When you combine this with a know-it-all mentality these teens likely have regular teens feel as they know everything so you know talented teens like these young fellas are likely on another level of knowing everything , these NBA players may as well be Bob Lanier and George Gervin to these babies From the look of your profile picture, you appear old enough no shade whatsoever But those who weren't around NBA ball in the 90s and early 00s such as these teens don't have the same 1st hand broad perspective about Iverson's era and this one.

Луис суарес перешел в реал

It's no different than you being 16 or 17 and NBA players from your father's era spoke with you and your teenage peers.

But I still got a lot of game from this video. If I was there I would of asked a lot of questions. But this video made me feel like I was in the room with them. Thank you for this video. The ones that asked the questions are the ones that you will probably see in the league.

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